The Coalition's mission is a unified effort to promote the healthy development of children and youth; and end their sexual abuse and exploitation.

Six Pillars for Prevention launched in January 2015! 

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Impact of Media and Technology on Youth

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National Plan 

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This National Plan defines the nature and scope of child sexual abuse and exploitation; acknowledges the need to build on the foundation of existing research, advocacy, and treatment; discusses the value of a National Plan; encourages the development of prevention-focused policy; and describes a range of actions that includes individual, community and policy-level strategies, to stop the demand for, and to prevent, child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The goal of this plan is to keep prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation in the forefront of people’s thoughts, agendas, and policy discussions in such a powerful way that we ensure all children grow up safe and free from all forms of sexual harm. Further, child sexual abuse and the normalization of such abuse, and of exploitation for individual or commercial gain, will be socially, economically, politically, and spiritually unacceptable in all of our communities.

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