Press Release from Prevent Child Abuse America: The Jerry Sandusky Sentencing - A Call to Action

11 Oct 2012 9:06 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
Excerpt: Because of this event the norm of silence about child sexual abuse is beginning to become a more open and honest discussion about what it takes to ensure healthy child development. Institutions in communities across the nation are refining how they deal with situations like this and how they can prevent them from ever occurring again.

Given this, we challenge all adults to see today's sentencing as a call to action, and a moment where they can pledge to do what's necessary to prevent child sexual abuse in their own communities by:

  • Taking a renewed interest in the lives of our children: where they go, who they play with, what they're watching on television and the Internet, and which adults they spend time with;
  • Reducing the amount of one on one unsupervised non-parental adult-child time;
  • Learning the signs of abuse and reporting abuse when they suspect it;
  • Ensuring that the organizations that serve children and families have sexual abuse prevention policies in place; and
  • Volunteering at local organizations that work to prevent child sexual abuse.

"From a tragedy such as this, hope can emerge, and the future health of not just our nation's children and their families, but the nation itself can be addressed," said James M. Hmurovich, President & CEO, Prevent Child Abuse America. "Today is a new day, and while we will not forget what brought us here, it can be the start of something healthy and positive. We hope you will join us, because what could be more important than the health and happiness of our children and their families... Nothing I can think of."

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