NSVRC Press Release: Sandusky to Spend 30-60 years behind bars.

16 Oct 2012 11:22 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
Excerpt: That’s why shedding light on this subject is so vital. We are thankful for the media's continued coverage of this topic and have seen positive strides being made in spreading awareness about prevention. As a result, we have encountered more people who want to talk about sexual abuse, understand the warning signs and learn how to prevent it. We encourage these ongoing discussions to continue – further breaking the silence surrounding these crimes. We invite you to join online conversations such as those happening on NSVRC’s blogs (www.nsvrc.org/blogs) and social networking sites (www.twitter.com/nsvrc) and (www.facebook.com/nsvrc).
From these conversations, adults become better equipped to identify grooming techniques and notice red flags that indicate someone might be sexually abusing a child. Like in the Sandusky case, oftentimes people sense that something isn't right, but never report their suspicions. This case illustrates the many missed opportunities to protect children and interrupt abusive behaviors. We hope this case will serve as a catalyst for changing our behaviors and priorities so that adults will step forward, value all children and support their healthy development. Today's sentencing sends a strong message to communities and survivors of sexual abuse everywhere: You are not alone. You will be believed and supported. And everyone’s voice matters. It’s time to get involved. Together, we can all prevent sexual abuse.

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