From the MFW Blog: It's Time to Pull Our Heads Out of the Sand! December 3, 2012

03 Dec 2012 3:08 PM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
Read More about the December 3, 2012 Ms Foundation for Women's Igniting Change Blog: It's Time to Pull Our Heads Out of the Sand! By guest bloggers Cordelia Anderson and Joan Tabachnick, hosts of the Ending Child Sexual Abuse Web Conference Series.

Excerpt: For years, we’ve asked the difficult questions: Why didn’t he do something to stop it? Why didn’t she say something when anyone could see that something was wrong? It’s easy to judge others for not doing what we hope we would do if we suspected a child was being abused. But case after case shows how much easier it is to ignore what is in front of us when it’s a family member, trusted friend, respected elder or someone in a leadership role who commits abuse. It is easy to feel immobilized when we’re not sure what to do.

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