Enough Is Enough launches Internet Safety 101 Thunderclap Campaign!

29 Jul 2014 10:58 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
Adapted: EIE/PBS Internet Safety 101® TV Series, which recently won an Emmy Award is available to be aired in your city. The National Educational Television Association (NETA) is offering the 101 TV series to all public television stations in America through fall 2014. And better yet, it's FREE for your local station to air. You could be the reason countless adults are educated and empowered, thereby helping to prevent the kids in your community from becoming ensnared by Internet dangers and traps.

Do you want to see it yourself? Do you know parents and grandparents who still don't have a clue that the kids in their lives can accidentally be exposed to extreme hardcore pornography through their smart phones, tablets and computers? That sexual predators actively seeking out kids to sexually exploit via technology? That half of today's youth are experiencing cyberbullying?

The reality is parents and caring adults must be the First Line of Defense.

You can make a difference! Can I count on you to sign the petition to ask them to air the "Enough Is Enough®” TV series? 

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