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Committee for Children announces Keeping Kids Safe Campaign -- a new set of short, engaging videos and accompanying information resources for parents and caregivers!

05 Nov 2014 9:49 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)

Committee for Children, with the help of several prevention coalition members, has just produced a set of short, engaging videos and accompanying informational resources, which are designed to educate parents and caregivers about the facts regarding child sexual abuse, and to motivate them to talk with children about personal safety.  These are  resources that any of you may use for your own parent/community education programming purposes. We are making them available as a completely free set of online resources for anyone to use and share.

Concurrent with the availability of these videos, we are about to launch a six-week #KeepKidsSafe online campaign to make these resources visible and viral. We welcome you to share this newly produced, FREE digital content with the parents you serve, as well as with your organization’s friends, followers, colleagues, and members.  

Working in the field of sexual abuse prevention as much as you do, it probably comes as no surprise that talking to kids about personal safety is one of the best ways to keep them safe from sexual abuse. But it’s not always a comfortable thing for parents to do. 

So we created the #KeepKidsSafe campaign, which points people to this series of short videos for parents, modeling conversations with kids about things like family safety rules and never keeping secrets. And because it’s so important for parents to help protect their kids by having these conversations, we’re making these videos availableundefinedalong with short articles expanding on the themes featured in the videosundefinedfree to everyone.  Coalition members Cordelia Anderson, Pat Stanislasky, and Tony Rizzuto, as well as other nationally prominent experts in child sexual abuse prevention, played key advisory roles in the production of these videos; while Keith Kaufman, David Finkelhor, Tony Rizzuto and Charol Shakeshaft advised us in the development of our new Second Step Child Protection Unit for use in schools and other child-serving settings. We are so very grateful for their help and support!

We’ve chosen three dates for people to participate in building the parent awareness campaign: Thursday, November 6; Tuesday, November 18, and/or Tuesday, December 2. Choose one (or all three), and feel free to use the suggested posts below (or compose your ownundefinedjust be sure to include the bit.ly/keepkidssafe14 link and the #KeepKidsSafe hashtag).

Suggested Facebook post (tag us: cfchildren)

What’s the best way to protect children from sexual abuse? Talk to them about it. These short videos show you how. Together, we can keep kids safe from abuse. Please share! #KeepKidsSafe bit.ly/keepkidssafe14

Suggested Tweet

Protect kids from sexual abuse by talking to them about it. Here’s how: bit.ly/keepkidssafe14 via @cfchildren. Please share! #KeepKidsSafe

Other ways you can help:

·         Add the Keep Kids Safe playlist to your YouTube channel

·         Link to the videos from the parent page of our web site

·         Embed the videos on your website

·         Share the link and info about the campaign with your email list

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