Launch of ECPAT-USA Cause Vision Comic Book to Prevent Child Sex Trafficking

28 Jun 2017 3:45 PM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
Where Is Dylan? is a new tool for preventing the sex trafficking of children in the form of a educational comic book. It was launched in April in New York City by ECPAT-USA in partnership with the Administration for Children’s Services, CauseVision and JCCA. Fifteen thousand copies will be distributed to at-risk youth throughout the City. 

The comic book focuses on the stories of two young people, a boy named Dylan and a girl named Ashley. It delivers a trafficking prevention message to them in a child-friendly format of pictures and simple vocabulary to capture their attention and make the material accessible to a wide range of reading levels. It is a mechanism for the engagement of NYC youth with a tough topic in a way that is empowering, thoughtful and educational. 

An educated child is the most practical and immediate deterrent to child sex trafficking. By providing preventive information in this format, the comic book can teach children and youth how to identify traffickers, identify recruitment techniques, and where they can get help. Most of the distribution will take place through New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services but copies are also available through ECPAT-USA. 

Contact ECPAT-USA at to inquire about how to receive copies.

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