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  • 20 Oct 2014 9:12 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)

    Connecting the Dots: Understanding and Addressing the Links between Multiple Forms of Violence webinar will be held Thursday, November 20th at 2pmET/11amPT. 

    Different types of violence are connected and often share the same root causes. They can also all take place under one roof, in the same community or neighborhood, at the same time, or at different stages of life. Understanding the overlapping causes of violence and the things that can protect people and communities is important, and can help us better address violence in all its forms. 

    "Connecting the Dots: An Overview of the Links between Multiple Forms of Violence" is a new resource co-developed by CDC's Division of Violence Prevention and Prevention Institute. This webinar highlights key content from this resource including the latest research on the connections between different forms of violence and how these connections affect communities. Taylor Code Maxie, a survivor of violence and hip hop artist, will perform and Tomei Kuehl from Colorado's Department of Public Health and Environment will also join us to describe how Colorado has worked strategically and creatively to prevent multiple types of violence from occurring in the first place.

  • 13 Oct 2014 10:43 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
    PreventConnect in conjunction with the Ms Foundation for Women announce the next #PowerInPrevention Ending Child Sexual Abuse Web Conference Series

    Join hosts Leona Smith Di Faustino, Joan Tabachnick and Cordelia Anderson for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention at the Intersections: Child Sex Trafficking on Tuesday, October 22, 2014 at 11amPT / 2pmET. 

    Many programs that address child sexual abuse are now thinking about, if not actively engaged in, the intersections between child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking. This web conference addresses how what's now known about the dynamics of child sex trafficking inform prevention and how programs are adapting and expanding to address this type of sexual victimization of children.

    Guests include: Melissa Snow, Child Sex Trafficking Program Specialist for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children; Rush Russell, Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey; and Emily Austin, Director of Policy and Evaluation at Peace Over Violence. 

  • 03 Oct 2014 11:30 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)

    Adapted: To commemorate the beginning of October National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Enough Is Enough® (EIE) today launched "P*rn Free Wi-Fi," a new initiative to encourage corporate America to join the fight to prevent the Internet-initiated sexual exploitation of children.

    EIE has been on the frontlines of Internet safety since 1994 and this campaign is its latest effort to protect children online.

    "Now is the time for corporate America to take a stand against Internet p*rnography and child p*rnography that is damaging children," said Donna Rice Hughes, CEO of EIE. "For 20 years, children have been spoon-fed a steady diet of online p*rnography, with few laws or barriers of entry. Recent peer-reviewed research shows the extreme nature of Internet p*rnography is having a destructive impact on the mental, emotional and sexual health of adolescents, including addictive and even criminal behavior.

    "This is now a global public health issue that must be addressed holistically," Hughes continued. "Parents, corporate America and law enforcement must share the responsibility to protect the younger generations, and we must do so now - together."

    The initial phase of EIE's "P*rn Free Wi-Fi" campaign specifically requests McDonald's and Starbucks to lead the way in this fight by implementing p*rnography filters in their more than 25,000 combined restaurants in the U.S. 

  • 02 Oct 2014 2:01 PM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)

    ATLANTA (November 1, 2014) – VOICE Today announces 2014 STANDING IN THE GAP Day of Prayer for our children on Saturday, November 1st.  

    One day presents three ways to stand for the innocence of our children.  Standing in the Gap Prayer Breakfast

    will be held at Johnson Ferry Baptist Ch

    urch Magnolia room at 8:30am.  Speakers include Les Ferguson, Angela Williams, 7 year old Johnny Gordon, and music by Ember.  At 1pm a rally at the Georgia State Capitol Washington Street steps will be led by State Representative Jason Spencer, sponsor of the “Georgia Hidden Predators Act,” legislation to protect our children presented in the 2015 Legislative Session. BRUCE WILKINSON will be delivering a message, VOICE UP – A TIME TO STAND at Emory University Cannon Chapel at 7pm  to launch the STANDING IN THE GAP DAY OF PRAYER FOR OUR CHILDREN national call to action.  “It is time we stand and pray for the attack our children are under. If not now, when?  If not us, who?,” says Wilkinson is a Christian teacher and author and best known for his bestselling book, The Prayer of Jabez.

    The event is sponsored by VOICE Today, a leading Georgia-based, child advocacy non-profit organization working nationally to end child sexual abuse and exploitation.  

  • 24 Sep 2014 1:24 PM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
    This guide discusses the 2014 research article "A systematic review of primary prevention strategies for sexual violence perpetration" by Sarah DeGue et al. It summarizes the methods and discusses key findings of the systematic review. It also proposes ways preventionists can use this research to identify promising prevention strategies, strengthen and evaluate their current efforts, and advocate with funders, policymakers, researchers, and community partners. 

  • 16 Sep 2014 10:02 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
    PreventConnect and the Ms. Foundation for Women announce the next free event in the Ending Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Web Series: Unique Opporutnities for CSA Prevention: Learning from migrant farmworker communities on Monday, September 29th at 2pmET/1pmCT/11amPT

    The intersections of vulnerability that occur for children are often most acute when they are apart of marginalized communities. Children of migrant farmworkers are commonly at the center of these intersections because of unique pressures on them and their families. In this web conference, speakers will discuss how they utilize popular education frameworks and principles based on Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed as the basis for their work organizing and mobilizing farm worker communities around child sexual abuse prevention work.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Define the risk factors that contribute to child sexual abuse for children in migrant farm worker communities.
    • Understand how an anti-oppression framework can be utilized to prevent child sexual abuse.
    • Identifying opportunities for engaging adults in preventing child sexual abuse in migrant farm worker communities


    • Kimber J. Nicoletti MSW, Founder and Director of Multicultural Efforts to End Sexual Assault (MESA) at Purdue University
    • Mily Treviño-Sauceda, co-founder of "Mujeres Mexicanas" (Mexican Women), in the Coachella Valley - a campesinas advocacy group

  • 05 Sep 2014 9:06 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)

    Mental Health America is hosting a free webinar, Funding Primary Prevention: Overcoming Challenges with Innovative Financing Mechanisms, on Sept. 8, 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. (EDT). Identifying sustainable financing for primary prevention is a challenge throughout human service sectors. Although many sectors - mental health and substance abuse, general health, education, public health, child welfare, juvenile justice - are concerned with individual and community well-being; financing, policy and programmatic divisions make collaboration between sectors difficult. In an attempt to better understand the financing landscape and promote understanding between human service fields, this webinar will review the challenges of our current system, explore major existing funding mechanisms, and share emerging and innovative public and private financing strategies that can be utilized for primary prevention interventions. New opportunities from the Affordable Care Act and interest from private in vestors will also be highlighted. 

  • 05 Sep 2014 9:05 AM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)

    Sexual Abuse Prevention in Early Childhood

    (PK- Grade 2)

    Training of Trainers in Montpelier

    June 12-13

    September 8-9

    November 3-4

    Participants in this 2-day training will become certified trainers in the Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development™ and Care For Kids Programs.  For more information or to register, contact Robin Castle at 1-800-975-7147 or RCastle@pcavt.org.

    Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development™

    Participants will learn to present this 2-3 hour workshop for adults who learn about the relationship between healthy sexuality and child sexual abuse prevention. Topics include: identifying and responding to normal vs. concerning sexual behaviors in young children, answering children’s questions about sexuality, and developmentally targeted education for children about sexuality.

    Care For Kids: Early Childhood Sexuality and Abuse Prevention

    Care for Kids is a sexual abuse prevention program for children ages 3 to 8, their educators, and caregivers. Recognizing that adults need to take responsibility for protecting young children, the program provides specific ways to foster the open, non-threatening, and developmentally appropriate communication about the broad range of issues connected to healthy sexuality.  Care for Kids addresses both victim and victimizer prevention.

    Youth Sexual Abuse Prevention

    (Grades 7-8)

    Training of Trainers in Montpelier

    September 10-11

    November 5-6

    Sexual Abuse Free Environments for Teens (SAFE-T)

    SAFE-T is a sexual abuse prevention program for students in grades 7 and 8, educators, and parents. Components of the program include training for school staff in child sexual abuse and its prevention, information for parents, and a skills-based curriculum to be used in the classroom with students. The SAFE-T curriculum works to build healthy relationship skills through addressing risk and protective factors.

    Participants in this two day training will become trained Trainers in the SAFE-T Program.  For more information or to register, contact Johanna Straavaldsen at 1-800-975-7147 or JStraavaldsen@pcavt.org.

  • 06 Aug 2014 3:25 PM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
    ATSA's Prevention Committee announces new guest blog!

    This series seeks to explore the unique collaborations that ATSA members are forming in their communities and focuses on what ATSA members are doing to prevent the first time perpetration of sexual violence.  We hope that it might provide some insights into the various ways to prevent sexual violence before anyone is harmed.

  • 06 Aug 2014 3:16 PM | Adrienne Hoffman-Lewis (Administrator)
    youthSpark is pleased to announce a first of its kind study to assess the size and nature of child sex trafficking as it affects boys in metro Atlanta. Today, we know how child sex trafficking affects girls in metro Atlanta, and as a result, people always ask, "what about the boys?" Our hope is to have the same depth of knowledge on the way this issue impacts boys, and research is the first step.During the preliminary phase of this research, we will evaluate multiple potential methodologies to determine what is most likely to work. We will consider a variety of options, including network-estimation via mobile device feedback and in-person peer interviews. It is likely that multiple approaches will eventually be combined together. Upon completion of this preliminary phase, we will summarize the findings and recommended approach for next steps. youthSpark will collaborate with local and state agencies to review the findings. Assuming the main phase is promising, we will proceed with the study. If the main phase of the study is undertaken, the results will be available for public use. The initial phase of this study is being funded by a local foundation.
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