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Events in the Field

Upcoming events

    • 20 Aug 2019
    • 21 Aug 2019
    • Wahington, DC

    21 in Washington, DC! Join us to explore how evaluation methods and research evidence can serve the needs of jurisdictions and local communities.

    What Is the 2019 Evaluation Summit?

    The Evaluation Summit is an opportunity for child welfare leaders, evaluators, funders, policymakers, advocates, and others to come together for timely and important dialogue and learning around this year's theme: Leveraging Data and Evaluation to Strengthen Families and Promote Well-Being.

    Participants will have the opportunity to explore the gap between research and practice and consider how they can better support three overarching goals:

      Building evidence (e.g., efforts to examine the existing evidence base in child welfare) 

      Strengthening practice (e.g., efforts to strengthen evaluation and CQI and inform case-level child welfare practice and decision-making)

      Informing policy (e.g., the use of evaluation, data, and research findings to drive well-informed decision-making and policymaking)

    Join us to expand your professional network, discuss familiar dilemmas and emerging challenges, and explore possible solutions from multiple perspectives.

    Register now to reserve your place!


    • 21 Aug 2019
    • 23 Aug 2019
    • Philadelphia, PA

    Beyond the Breakthrough (August 21-23, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA) acknowledges the monumental shift in the public awareness about sexual harassment, abuse, and assault led by the Me Too Movement. This year’s conference seeks to inspire the collective movement to end sexual violence as we continue to build on the momentum of this critical breakthrough. Click here.


    • 05 Sep 2019
    • 06 Sep 2019
    • Montpelier, VT

    Sponsored by Prevent Child Abuse Vermont September 5 & 6, 2019 in Montpelier, Vermont.

    Attendees will learn how to implement all aspects of Care for Kids©, We Care Elementary©, and SAFE-T (Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens™) with adults in schools through faculty and staff trainings, parents’ and caregivers’ meetings/events, and students through in-classroom instruction. To register con-tact Kirstie Grant at kgrant@pcavt.org or (802) 498-0622.


    • 16 Sep 2019
    • 18 Sep 2019
    • Milwaukee, WI

    • 08 Oct 2019
    • 09 Oct 2019
    • Boston, MA

    For more information visit www.D2L.org.

    • 06 Nov 2019
    • 09 Nov 2019
    • Atlanta, GA

    The 38th Annual Research and Treatment Conference sponsored by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers will be held at Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia, November 6 - 9, 2019.

    For information about the 2019 ATSA Conference, visit the 2019 ATSA Conference page.

Past events

12 Aug 2019 Crimes Against Children Conference
18 Jun 2019 APSAC Colloquium
12 Jun 2019 Coalition to End Sexual Exploiration Global Summit
07 May 2019 Circles of Safety Training
03 Apr 2019 Preventing MASOC and MATSA Sexual Violence Through Assessment, Treatment and Safe Management
18 Mar 2019 35th Annual International Symposium on Child Abuse
06 Feb 2019 2019 Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Summit
29 Jan 2019 Dear Stop It Now! Helpline series, "Nothing has happened... yet. How can I keep it that way?"
29 Jan 2019 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & the Need for Evidence Based Response
27 Jan 2019 Hot Topics in Promoting Resilience in Children
29 Nov 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Vermont Training Opportunities
16 Oct 2018 Creating a Culture of Safety: Building Skills to Prevent & Respond to Sexual Misconduct in Schools & Youth Organizations
09 Oct 2018 IGNITE 2018 National Prevention Conference
27 Sep 2018 2018 Child Maltreatment Solutions Network Conference
25 Sep 2018 Prevent Child Abuse Vermont Training Opportunities
24 Sep 2018 Prevention Coalition Annual Meeting
29 Aug 2018 2018 National Sexual Assault Conference
13 Aug 2018 30th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference
22 Mar 2018 Ending Violence Against Children: Developing a Roadmap to a Healthy Childhood and Adolescence
25 Oct 2017 Creating Balance: ATSA's 36th Annual Research & Treatment Conference
17 Oct 2017 Fourth International Youth Protection Symposium
20 Sep 2017 Circles of Safety: Safety Planning Through Healthy Sexuality Education
18 Sep 2017 SPORTS—The Relationship Conference
11 Sep 2017 APSAC Forensic Interview Clinic
31 Jul 2017 APSAC Forensic Interview Clinic
18 Jul 2017 NCYS Youth Sports Day and Expo
16 Jul 2017 National Youth Sports Week
21 Jun 2017 APSAC 2017 Advanced Training Summit
07 Jun 2017 National Sexual Assault Conference
09 May 2017 Raliance Media Summit
27 Mar 2017 National Boys & Girls Club Week
02 Nov 2016 ATSA: 35th Annual Research and Treatment Conference
12 Oct 2016 BSA's Third National Youth Protection Symposium
09 Oct 2016 SAFE 2016: Second Annual Global Conference on Human Trafficking
31 Aug 2016 National Sexual Assault Conference
27 Jun 2016 Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s National Conference
04 Apr 2016 National Children's Advocacy Center: 32nd International Symposium on Child Abuse
20 Mar 2016 National Conference on Juvenile Justice
11 Nov 2015 JuST (Juvenile Sex Trafficking) Conference 2015
02 Sep 2015 2015 National Sexual Assault Conference
22 Jul 2015 American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children 23rd Annual Colloquium
01 Nov 2014 VOICE Today 2014 Standing in the Gap Day of Prayer for our Children
28 Oct 2014 The 33rd Annual Research and Treatment Conference hosted by ATSA
20 Aug 2014 The National Sexual Assault Conference
01 Jun 2014 National Children's Alliance Leadership Conference 2014
18 May 2014 Prevent Child Abuse America: The National Conference for America's Children
05 May 2014 Penn State’s Third Annual Conference on Child Protection and Well-Being: “The Role of Parenting and Family Processes in Child Maltreatment and Intervention”
28 Apr 2014 Preventing Child Maltreatment and Promoting Well-Being: Network for Action (OCAN) in New Orleans, LA
21 Apr 2014 Team USA SafeSport Summit
24 Mar 2014 30th National Symposium on Child Abuse
28 Jan 2014 The Chadwick Center's Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment
13 Jan 2014 Test Committee Call
30 Oct 2013 32nd Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA)Annual Research and Treatment Conference
28 Aug 2013 2013 National Sexual Assault Conference
26 Aug 2013 2013 Prevention Coalition Membership Meeting
15 Nov 2012 MaleSurvivor 13th International Conference: A World of Healing
17 Oct 2012 ATSA's 31st Annual Research & Treatment Conference
12 Oct 2012 Awaken to Change - The National Conference for America's Children
28 Aug 2012 13th National Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention
27 Aug 2012 National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation Member Event
22 Aug 2012 National Sexual Assault Conference / La Conferencia Nacional de Agresion Sexual
27 Jun 2012 APSAC 20th Annual Colloquium
16 Apr 2012 18th National Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect
19 Mar 2012 28th National Symposium on Child Abuse
14 Sep 2011 National Sexual Assault Conference / La Conferencia Nactional de Agresion Sexual
23 Aug 2011 The 12th National Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention
22 Aug 2011 Meeting of the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation
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